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Before You Begin: Network Visibility

The key to successful network monitoring is the visibility of network traffic. If you'd like to monitor only one computer on the network, there is no network visibility question: You can simply install and run NetResident on that computer. If, however, you need to monitor multiple computers on a LAN, it's important that you understand how to achieve network visibility, i.e. the ability to "see" network traffic of other stations from a single observation point.


In brief, to be able to monitor other computers on your LAN, you need to install NetResident on a gateway computer, if you use one, or use a switch with the "port mirroring" feature, or use a hub. There are many possible network layouts, so if you are new to network monitoring, we recommend that you read a detailed illustrated white paper by TamoSoft, Promiscuous Monitoring in Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks (a PDF version is also available.)


An optional utility for monitoring switch-based Ethernet networks is available. Please see the PromiSwitch Tool chapter for more information.