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Importing  Packet Log Files

NetResident uses its monitoring and logging capability for network data analysis and presentation. It can also allow you to import packet capture files saved by other TamoSoft network monitoring packages: CommView and CommView for WiFi, as well as by some other 3rd party network monitoring applications.


Launch the Log Importing Wizard by clicking File => Import Logs. You will be prompted to select the file for import and configure the import options. The imported file may have been recorded some time ago and you may want to import the file with the current date assigned to all events in the log. Otherwise, all data will be imported with its original date in accordance with the internal time stamp from the log file.


Note: This option is not available for all types of log files.


Important: Some or all of the events in the log file may be deleted from the database right after the import because the application might be configured to delete old events. If the time stamps in the log file are older than the number of days specified in the application options, consider using the current date when importing the log file, or increase the event time frame in the application options. Please see the description of the Database: History option for more information.


You may import only the events that you are interested in instead of importing the entire log file. Check the Use current service filters while importing the data checkbox; the import wizard will then use the current filter settings configured for the NetResident service.


Please make sure that current Group View and filter settings allow NetResident to display the data being imported. Otherwise you won't be able to see it in the main window even if the data is successfully imported into the database until you change these settings.


Click on the Next button to start importing the selected file. You can wait until the import is completed or click on the Finish button to continue importing in the background. In this case, the program will notify you when the import is completed. Importing can be cancelled at any time by clicking on the Cancel button.


NetResident supports importing log files using a command line. If you would like to use a command line when importing, start NetResident and specify the log file name as the first command line parameter. Please note that the name of a log file must include the full path.


Important: If a file name or its path contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks (" ").






NETRESIDENT.EXE "D:\DATA\October 12.cap"


NETRESIDENT.EXE "D:\Captured data\log file.pkt"


Note: Log file import is not available to Lite License users.