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Interface Overview

NetResident can display current information using views that can be changed using the Events => Views menu item or by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar. The program's appearance may vary depending on the selected view, but basically, the main application window has three sections that present the data in a structured format and allow you to filter and sort network events and access them quickly.


Note: Depending on your search settings, the main program window may contain several tabs: The All Data tab that shows all captured information as well as other tabs that correspond to your Search Set(s). The data structure inside the tabs is explained below.


The Group View shows network events grouped by the dates they occurred, network protocols, and hosts engaged in communications. Checking or unchecking the boxes next to a group will include/exclude the events that belong to the group to/from the Event List section. The hosts are grouped into Parties that represent the parties involved in the communication process. Party A includes all IP addresses/hostnames on the local side of the communication. If you only use one network interface to connect to the Internet, you will usually have only one entry under this Party. However, if you use your LAN adapter as the main Internet connection method, but also use your Dial-Up adapter occasionally, or if you have an IP address dynamically assigned to your computer each time you connect, you will have several entries in this Party. Party B includes all remote hosts that have communicated with the local host(s). Please refer to Arranging the Data for more information.


The Explorer View is similar to the Group View except that it shows network events grouped by network protocols only. We suggest that you use this view if you would like to see the events of the specified protocol: i.e. all ICQ messages for the specified period of time. Clicking on the plus sign will expand the nodes, allowing you to select and view the desired network events. Please refer to Arranging the Data for more information.


The Event List section displays a list of events available for viewing under the following columns:


Date – the date the event occurred

Protocol – the protocol used for data transmission

Party A, Party B – indicates the hosts that sent and received data

Port A, Port B – the ports used for data transmission

Last updated – the date and time the event was last updated

Description – displays the event summary

ID – event ID (invisible by default)

Priority – user-defined event priority (invisible by default)

Comment – user-defined event comment (invisible by default)

Flags – event flags (invisible by default)


The Event Detail section displays the actual contents of the event selected in the Event List section. It can only display one event at a time.


The main window also has a Status section for displaying system messages produced by the program.


NetResident consists of two parts: The NetResident console that connects to the NetResident service, processes the data, groups it, and presents it to the user and the NetResident service that monitors the network, captures the data, and stores it in the database for processing and viewing.


NetResident uses network protocol plugin modules for processing the collected data. You can enable or disable certain plugins to make sure that you see only the desired data.





Main Menu                



         Connect        Makes a connection to the NetResident Service        

         Disconnect        Disconnect from the NetResident Service        

         Manage Database        Launches the Database Management Wizard        

         Import Logs        Launches the Log Import Wizard        

         Exit        Closes the program        



         Find                        Searches the events for the specified string        

         Find Again                Repeats the search        

         New Search Set                Launches the Search Set Wizard        

         Delete Search Set        Deletes currently active Search Set        

         Edit Search Set                Edits currently active Search Set        




         Status Window        Shows/hides the Status Window        

         Status Bar        Shows/hides the Status Bar        



         Refresh/ Stop Refreshing        Refreshes all events/stops the refreshing in progress        

         Filter        Allows you to set event filters        

         Save        Saves the current event list or event details to a file

         Delete        Deletes selected events from the database

         Event Detail        Shows/hides the Event Detail section

         Views        Switches the main window's views        

         Host Display Mode        Changes the mode for displaying the hosts in the Group View and Events List sections        



         Aliases        Displays the Aliases dialog        

         Options        Displays the Options dialog        

         Setup Wizard        Launches the Setup Wizard        

         Anti-Switch Tool        Starts the PromiSwitch application

         Languages        Allows you to select the language of the user interface        



         Contents        Launches NetResident help        

         Search For Help On …        Shows NetResident help index

         Check for an Update on the Web…        Check for an update on the TamoSoft Web site        

         About        Shows the About window