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PromiSwitch Tool

Note: Use this tool at your own risk. Never use this tool unless you are the network administrator of the LAN you are connected to. Using this tool may disrupt network connectivity. No technical support is available for this tool.


The PromiSwitch tool is designed for providing network visibility in switch-based networks where no port-mirroring option is available in the switches being used. Please refer to our white paper, Promiscuous Monitoring in Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks for more information on this subject. This tool will attempt to ensure network visibility by taking advantage of the ARP protocol weaknesses. It is highly recommended that you use port mirroring rather than PromiSwitch whenever possible.


Start PromiSwitch and select the desired network adapter that will be used for station monitoring. Indicate the desired IP range by filling in the Scan from: and Scan to:  fields, then click the Start Scan button. To abort the scanning process, click the Stop Scan button. After scanning completes, discovered workstations (including their IP and MAC addresses) will be shown in the list.


Check the boxes next to stations that you would like to monitor and click the Start button. The PromiSwitch tool will periodically send special network packets to selected stations. This will redirect the traffic between the gateway and  the selected stations to your station, providing network visibility. You can also have the internal traffic between any two stations redirected to your station, which can be achieved by selecting Internal in the Traffic drop-down list and selecting two stations.


The Options window allows you to change some of the program's options, such as clearing the station list on new scan, automatic packet sending on start-up, and the interval between packets.