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Remote Connections to NetResident Service

Note: Please refer to the FAQ chapter for information on licensing the NetResident service and console deployed on different computers.


As mentioned before, NetResident consists of two parts: The NetResident console that connects to the NetResident service, processes the data, groups it, and presents it to the user and the NetResident service that monitors the network, captures the data, and stores it in the database for processing and viewing. The connection between the service and console is made over TCP/IP, which means that you can connect to NetResident service running on any computer, as long as you can connect to it over TCP/IP and know the password.


When you start NetResident, it initiates a connection to the NetResident service you connected to last time (by default, this is the local PC). To connect to another NetResident service, do the following:


Click File => Disconnect to disconnect from the NetResident service you're currently connected to.
Click File => Connect.
Select the Connect to local service option if you would like to connect to NetResident service running on the computer that you are currently using. If you would like to connect to a remote computer running NetResident, select the Connect to remote service option.
If you selected the Connect to remote service option, specify the IP address of the computer you would like to connect to and the password in the Remote Service and Password fields respectively.
Click OK.


Please note that remote connections to NetResident service are disabled by default for security reasons. To enable this option, NetResident service should be properly configured on the computer to which you want to connect. To configure NetResident, start the program and select Tools => Options => Network => Remote connection. Check the Allow remote connections to this service box and specify the password for connecting to the service in the Password field. Confirm the password by entering it once again in the Confirm password field and click OK.


Note: You will never be prompted for a password when connecting to NetResident service locally.