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Setup Wizard

Before you can begin monitoring your network, you need to configure NetResident. The Setup Wizard will help you configure the necessary options in NetResident with just a few mouse clicks. If you didn't start the wizard when you first launched the program, you can always do so by clicking Tools => Setup Wizard.


Click Next on the welcome screen and go to the adapter selection screen. The adapter selection screen has a drop-down list that allows you to specify the correct network adapter for monitoring. If your computer has a dial-up connection or is connected to the LAN via an Ethernet adapter, you will have only one adapter in the menu, and you will need to select it. If your computer serves as the Internet gateway for the LAN or has more than one network adapter, you will need to select the adapter that you would like NetResident to monitor. Some network adapters cannot operate in promiscuous mode. If you use such an adapter, please check the Use non-promiscuous mode box. This option must always be selected for wireless (802.11) adapters. For dial-up and VPN adapters, please select the WAN miniport adapter. Click Next to go to the stations selection screen.


The program will then try to discover the workstations on your network and provide a list of available nodes that you may want to monitor. The easiest way to configure this option is to select the Monitor all stations radio button. This will make NetResident  collect all data from the network. You can always reconfigure this behavior and specify which stations you would like to monitor at a later time. Please see the Configuring NetResident chapter for more information.




Click on the Next button to go to plugins selection screen. NetResident processes network traffic using protocol plugin modules. If you do not need to view the data transmitted over a particular network protocol, you may disable the corresponding plugin by unchecking the box next to the protocol name. Please read the Plugins chapter for more information.




The next screen allows you to configure the network monitoring behavior of the program. Select the On Windows Startup option if you'd like the program to start monitoring the network as soon as the Windows starts, or select On NetResident Startup option if you'd like to monitor the network only when NetResident is running. Click Next and then Finish on the next screen to save the configuration settings.