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What's New

 Version 2.1


· Added support for the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, Xing, Tumblr, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, VKontakte, StudiVZ, MeinVZ, SchuelerVZ, and LiveInternet. Only outbound non-encrypted messages are supported.
· Added support for the following file hosting services: RapidShare, IFolder, and NarodRu.
· Updated the web mail plugin to match the latest changes in web mail services.
· A few bug fixes.


 Version 2.0


· Added file transfer capturing for all supported IMs.
· The latest versions of Live Messenger are supported.
· Added FTP capture filter.
· A few bug fixes.


Version 1.9


· Improved ICQ support.
· Improved HTTP proxy support.
· Improved SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxy support.
· Added AOL Mail, Mail.ru and Yandex.Pochta support.
· Updated parsers for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail to match the latest changes in these services.
· A few bug fixes.


Version 1.8


· Many updates to protocol parsers that allow the application to correctly handle instant messages and Web-based e-mails by using the latest protocols.
· Support for attachments in outgoing Web-based e-mail messages.
· An updated network driver to improve performance in heavily loaded LAN environments.
· A few other bug fixes and interface improvements.


Version 1.7


· IPv6 support.
· Improved application performance when running on multi-core CPU computers.
· Added more event notification options.
· Added configurable real-time traffic filtering options for HTTP and mail protocols.
· Windows 7 support.
· Added  optional minimization to the system tray area.
· Old database records can be archived.
· Updated parsers for Gmail and Yahoo! Mail to match the latest changes in these services.
· A few bug fixes.


Version 1.6


· Support for Web-based mail systems (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail).
· Automatic log file importing.
· Improved event management  (priority levels and comments).
· Configurable path to the NetResident database.
· A few bug fixes.


Version 1.5


· The database of events is now searchable
· You can set keyword-based alarms
· Improved database engine performance
· A few bug fixes


Version 1.4


· New and improved high-performance database engine
· Improved VoIP support
· Improved ICQ support
· Optional PromiSwitch tool for monitoring in switched network environments
· New license types: Pro and Lite
· A few bug fixes


Version 1.3


· Improved VoIP support
· Remote connections to NetResident service are now possible
· Additional event details (port numbers and timestamps)
· Windows Vista support
· A few bug fixes


Version 1.2


· Support for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol
· Support for Telnet protocol
· Support for VoIP (Voice over IP) protocol
· Database import and export
· A few bug fixes



Version 1.1


· Support for Yahoo and Jabber instant messaging protocols
· Improved log import that supports many 3rd party capture file formats
· Configurable database size management that can be used to automatically delete old events
· A few bug fixes