Product Activation Center

Some of the TamoSoft products include activation technology that helps prevent unauthorized use of the software in a manner that has minimal impact on licensed users.

When a customer installs a TamoSoft product that requires activation, the customer is asked to select one of the following activation methods:

  • Automatic: The software connects to the activation server over a secure channel and completes the activation process without any user interaction. This is the most convenient and simple method.
  • Manual (Web-based): The user must copy the Product ID and visit this Web site to enter the Product ID into the appropriate field. After submitting the Product ID, the user is given the Activation Code that should be copied and entered into the software activation wizard. This method should be used if it's impossible to connect to the Internet from the computer where our product is installed.
  • Manual (E-mail-based): The user should copy the Product ID and send it to the specified e-mail address. Complete instructions can be found in the software activation wizard. This method should be used if the previous two methods don't work for any reason.

Enter your Product ID into the field below. The Product ID is 48 symbols long (excluding dashes). You can copy and paste it from the activation wizard or type it in manually. Dashes and/or spaces are optional and will be ignored:

Product ID:

TamoSoft doesn't collect any personally identifiable information from your computer during the activation process. If you need to re-activate the product (e.g. when you change computers or reinstall Windows) and the number of allowed activations has been exceeded, or if you have any other activation-related questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please refer to the Activation FAQ for more information about activating our products.