Activation FAQ

Q. How does product activation work? 
A. Product activation works by validating that the software's license key that the customer receives from us after purchase has not been installed on more computers than is allowed by the license key and End User License Agreement (EULA). The Product ID is a number generated based on the license key and computer hardware configuration. The Product ID is generated using a one-way hash function. During the activation process, the Product ID is sent to the activation server. If the activation is successful, the server returns the Activation Code that activates the software. Installations beyond those allowed in the license agreement will fail to activate. This process is similar to the activation process we're all familiar with in Microsoft Windows.

Q. How does the process respect my privacy? 
A. TamoSoft doesn't collect any personally identifiable information from your computer during the activation process. The one-way function used in Product ID generation makes sure that the Product ID cannot be used to backward-calculate any PC- or user-related information; product activation is anonymous.

Q. Is product activation a time-consuming process?  
A. No, it takes less than a minute to activate software in automatic mode and only several minutes to activate in manual mode. The process is very simple and is performed with the help of a simple software activation wizard.

Q. What's the benefit for me as a customer?  
A. By helping us reduce software piracy, you allow us to invest more in product development and support, which results in more feature-rich products and better customer service.

Q. When do I have to activate the product? 
A. You may use the product without activation for 7 days from the date your license key is issued. This is called the "grace period". You can activate the product at any time, but after the grace period expires, activation becomes mandatory, i.e. you will not be able to continue using the product unless you activate it. During the grace period, the software will periodically display activation reminders.

Q. How many installations can I make with a single user license? 
A. Please refer to the EULA that comes with your product. Typically, with a single-user license you can install the product on two computers. You can also transfer a license to a new computer, but the product must first be removed from the previous computer. In such cases you may be required to contact us for manual activation. Reinstallation on the same computer under the same Windows copy can be done an unlimited number of times.

Q. What happens when I try to activate on more PCs than allowed by EULA? 
A. Activation will fail. If you have a legitimate reason to exceed the number of allowed activations, please contact us and we'll help you with this problem.

Q. What happens when I buy a product upgrade and receive a new license key from you? 
A. You'll have to re-activate the software.