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Additional Language Files

This page contains the download links for the additional interface language files available for the current versions of our products. Our product setup files typically include several languages. The table below list additional language files that are not included into the standard setup.

If your language file is available for the product, download the corresponding zip file and extract the language file (it has the .TLF extension) to the application folder. By default, the application folder is C:\Program Files\ on 32-bit systems or C:\Program Files (x86)\ on 64-bit systems. Note that in SmartWhois, you need to copy the file to the "Languages" subfolder in the application folder. Once the file has been copied and the program restarted, your language will be displayed in the list of available languages in the program menu.




CommView / CommView for WiFi

7.1 or older

6.3 or older

TamoGraph Site Survey




Essential NetTools

3.2 or older

If your language is not listed above or the translation is for an older product version and you are willing to contribute a translation for a free product license(s), please contact us.