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Download NetResident

Download NetResident

Important: To use NetResident, Microsoft SQL Server is required. During the NetResident installation, the installer automatically downloads and installs Microsoft SQL Server Express if you have an active Internet connection. However, if you plan to deploy NetResident on a computer that DOES NOT have Internet connectivity, you must manually download Microsoft SQL Server Express. Once you have downloaded it, copy the file to the computer’s TEMP folder (to open the TEMP folder, type %TEMP% in the Windows explorer address bar and press Enter). After that, you can proceed with the NetResident installation; it will detect the downloaded file in the TEMP folder, install, and configure it.

Below are the download links for Microsoft SQL Server Express:

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express for 64-bit Windows 8 and newer

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express SP1 for 64-bit Windows 7

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express SP1 for 32-bit Windows (all versions)

Note that if you already have Microsoft SQL Server Express installed, you don’t need to download it.