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Failed to open the selected adapter

This error message is generated when the program is unable to start capturing packets passing through the selected adapter.

Possible reasons are:

·The network card installed on your computer is relatively old and doesn't support the NDIS 3.0 driver standard. You can try to download the latest driver version from the manufacturer's site.  

·The selected adapter is not an Ethernet network card, e.g. it is an infrared port adapter. In this case, select a different adapter from the list.  

·A software conflict or low system resources. Try to reboot and launch the program again.  

·For cable modem users with DHCP server only: IP lease may have expired. If your OS is Windows 95/98/Me: run WINIPCFG.EXE, select the cable modem from the adapter list, click Release, and then Renew. If your OS is Windows NT/2000/XP: run IPCONFIG.EXE /release, and then IPCONFIG.EXE /renew. Try to open the adapter again.  

If you believe that none of these reasons explains the error, please contact technical support. Don't forget to include information about your OS version, network card type, and any other details that you think may be relevant.