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Memory-related Messages

If CommView is unable to allocate enough memory for the driver buffer, you might see the following messages:

Error: Not enough memory to run the program. Please close one or several running applications and restart the program.

Warning: Insufficient memory quota to capture packets. Please close one or several running applications.

The reason you see these messages is that your system has a limited quota of kernel memory, and this quota has been exhausted by other applications. If the problem persists, you can do the following:

1.   Launch CommView before you launch other applications. You can do this by putting the shortcut to CommView to the startup folder, or by checking the "Run on Windows startup" box in the program's options, or by manually launching the program in the beginning of a Windows session. This will ensure that the program allocates enough memory for the driver buffer.  
2.   Decrease the driver buffer size (Settings => Options => Memory Usage => Driver Buffer).  

Please note that most applications practically don't affect the system's kernel memory; however, there are a few applications that can decrease the amount of available memory dramatically. For example, running Adobe Photoshop 5.0 alone affects kernel memory much more than running Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator simultaneously.

CommView monitors the memory usage as it is running, and if Windows signals about insufficient memory quota, CommView displays the "
Insuff. Memory" warning on the status bar. Normally, closing one or several running applications removes the warning.

Windows 2000/XP users: if you are trying to run CommView under a non-administrative account, you can get the "Not enough memory" error, regardless of the actual memory size available. Your account MUST belong to the administrative group or CommView won't run.