NetResident - Network Content Monitoring Tool

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System Requirements
What Network Content NetResident Can Analyze
What’s New in NetResident 3.0
NetResident Architecture
Deploying the Application
Before You Begin: Network Visibility
Step 1: Deploying the NetResident Service and Console
Step 2: Deploying NetResident Agents
Ensuring Connectivity Between the System Components
Tips and Tricks
Setting Up the Database
Step 1: Creating a New Database and Configuration File
Step 2: Selecting an SQL Server
Step 3: Selecting a Database Location and Name
Step 4: Setting Database Access Token
Step 5: Summary
Working with NetResident
Understanding the Difference Between the Display and Capture Filters
Remote Connections
Adding Exceptions to NetResident Agents
Manual SQL Server Installation
Analyzing Imported Capture Files
Frequently Asked Questions
Sales and Support


NetResident is an advanced network content monitoring application that captures, stores, analyzes, and reconstructs network events such as e-mail messages, Web pages, downloaded files, instant messages, and voice conversations. NetResident uses cutting-edge monitoring technology to capture the required data from the network, saves it to a database, reconstructs it, and displays this content in an easy-to-understand format.

While NetResident is similar to network analyzers in many respects, it focuses on high-level protocols that are used to transfer content over the Internet or LAN. With NetResident, you do not need a profound understanding of networking technologies, have to use complex packet capturing and analysis software, or dig through network packets in order to reconstruct the actual data; NetResident does all the work for you and presents the high-level content as viewed by end users in your LAN. A convenient application console presents a clear picture of all captured network events that can be searched, grouped, or sorted by different criteria.

NetResident is used by businesses to detect sensitive information leaks; by government law enforcement, security agencies, and private surveillance providers for lawful interception needs; by forensic experts to inspect evidence and gain crucial information needed for criminal investigations; and even by parents to monitor their children’s communication on the Internet.

NetResident offers many benefits to your organization. Unlike many data-loss detection solutions, NetResident can be quickly and easily deployed by the organization’s network administrator and does not require substantial changes in the existing network infrastructure or software.