NetResident - Network Content Monitoring Tool

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System Requirements
What Network Content NetResident Can Analyze
What’s New in NetResident 3.0
NetResident Architecture
Deploying the Application
Before You Begin: Network Visibility
Step 1: Deploying the NetResident Service and Console
Step 2: Deploying NetResident Agents
Ensuring Connectivity Between the System Components
Tips and Tricks
Setting Up the Database
Step 1: Creating a New Database and Configuration File
Step 2: Selecting an SQL Server
Step 3: Selecting a Database Location and Name
Step 4: Setting Database Access Token
Step 5: Summary
Working with NetResident
Understanding the Difference Between the Display and Capture Filters
Remote Connections
Adding Exceptions to NetResident Agents
Manual SQL Server Installation
Analyzing Imported Capture Files
Frequently Asked Questions
Sales and Support

Working with NetResident

Users interact with NetResident utilizing the NetResident Console, illustrated below:


The NetResident Console icon is placed on the desktop during the application installation; double-click on the icon to launch the console. The console allows you to perform the following tasks:

· Display, search, and filter the events that have been captured and analyzed by NetResident.
· Control the NetResident service.
· Control the NetResident agents.
· Configure alerts.

The console interface consists of three pages: Events, Connections, and Alerts. Each page includes a menu bar with one or several tabs.