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EmailVerify is a tool that allows you to check if an e-mail address exists and accepts mail. This tool looks up MX records for the e-mail address (in other words, finds out what mail server handles e-mail for the given address) and then tries to connect to the mail server and deliver e-mail. No actual e-mail messages are being sent during the check.


To check an e-mail address, enter it into the corresponding window and click Start. The log of the checking process will be displayed in the main window.

To find the mail server, EmailVerify must perform a few DNS queries. By default, the tool will use the DNS servers being used by Windows. In some non-standard cases, you may want to override these settings by checking the Use custom settings box and entering custom name server addresses.

During the e-mail verification process, EmailVerify must provide the sender's address. By default, the tool uses the postmaster@domain address, where domain is the domain part of the e-mail address. For example, if you're checking user1@gmail.com, EmailVerify will use postmaster@gmail.com as the "From" address. You can change this by selecting the Use custom address option and specifying any other address.

It's important to remember that the results of this test may depend on the IP address you are connecting from, as well as the "From" address you are using. The mail server may reject mail from certain IP addresses or from all dynamic IP addresses. It may also reject mail from certain e-mail domains or specific accounts.