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HostAlive is a tool that periodically checks if a remote host or group of hosts is alive. HostAlive is based on a simple principle: It sends a network packet to the destination host and waits for a response. For example, it can check if the HTTP service on the remote host is up and running. The type of check and interval are configurable.


To create a list of hosts to be checked, click on the Hosts button. Enter the names or IP addresses of the hosts to be checked. To configure the type of check, click on the Options button and configure the desired type:


Three checking methods are available:

· Ping: A standard check using ICMP ping packets. This is a generic check type that tells you that the host is connected to the network and the operating system is alive. It doesn't tell you if a specific network service, such as HTTP or POP3, is running. Note that hosts behind firewalls may not reply to ping packets.
· PortScan: A check based on the host's ability to accept a TCP connection. For example, you can check if the POP3 service is running by scanning TCP port 110.
· HTTP/GET: A check for Web servers that verifies that the remote host accepts connections on the standard HTTP port and replies with a correct HTTP response. The standard HTTP port is 80, but you can enter a custom value.

The following options are also available:

· Tasks – configures the number of simultaneous jobs the tool can launch.
· Check every, min – sets the interval in minutes between checks.
· Timeout, s – configures how many seconds the tool should wait for a response from the host.
· Number of retries – sets the number of attempts to be carried out.

Once you've entered the list of the hosts to be checked and configured the options, click Start to initiate the process. The tool will keep on checking the hosts periodically until you click Stop or exit the applications.

Right-clicking on the window brings up a menu with the following commands:

· Send To – sends the selected IP address to other tools or to SmartWhois.
· Copy IP Address – copies the selected computer's IP address to the clipboard.
· Copy Hostname – copies the selected hostname to the clipboard.
· Copy Results – copies the HostAlive table to the clipboard.
· Save – saves the HostAlive table to a file.