Essential NetTools Help Documentation

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This tool is a replacement of the standard Windows netstat command-line utility. It displays all the inbound and outbound connections to your computer and lists all open ports. Additionally, NetStat maps open ports and established connections to the owning application.


Right-clicking on the window brings up a menu with the following commands:

· Auto Refresh – switches on/off automatic refreshing of the list. The refresh interval is configurable (see Options).
· Show Extended Statistics – displays an additional pane showing extended per-protocol statistics.
· File Properties – displays the file properties dialog for the process that owns the connection.
· Terminate Connection – closes the selected TCP connection.
· Edit Filters – opens the Filters dialog.
· Disable Filters – enables/disables all currently configured filters.
· Edit Alerts – opens the Alerts dialog.
· Disable Filters – enables/disables all currently configured alerts.
· Copy Local IP Address – copies the local IP address to the clipboard.
· Copy Remote IP Address – copies the remote IP address to the clipboard.
· Copy Hostname – copies the remote hostname to the clipboard.
· Refresh – refreshes the list.
· Send To – sends the selected IP address to other tools or to SmartWhois.
· Copy Results – copies the NetStat table to the clipboard.
· Save – saves the NetStat table to a file.

The program can be configured to not display all the connections, convert port numbers to service names, resolve IP addresses to hostnames, etc. New and closed connections are automatically highlighted for five seconds. See Options for more information.