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You can use the Settings => Options dialog to configure the program's advanced options.



Show full process path – check this box if you want NetStat to display the full path to the process owning the port (e.g. "C:\Files\Program.exe" is a full path, whereas "Program.exe" is a short path).

Convert port numbers to service names – check this box if you want NetStat to display service names rather than numbers. For example, if this box is checked, port 21 is shown as ftp, and port 23 as telnet. The program converts numeric values to service names using the SERVICES file installed by Windows. You can edit this file using the SysFiles tool.

Disable DNS resolving – check this box if you don't want the program to perform reverse DNS lookups of the IP addresses. If you check it, the Hostname column in NetStat will be blank.

NBScan and PortScan

Exclude subnet boundaries – check this box if you want the program to skip IP addresses ending with .0 and .255.

Clear the list on new query – check this box if you want the program to clear the NBScan or PortScan list every time you start scanning a new range of IP addresses. If this box is not checked, the program will preserve the results of all previous scans and auto-sort new items by IP address.

Auto-refresh intervals

Sets the auto-refresh intervals for NetStat and ProcMon if auto-refreshing is on. For ProcMon, it is also possible to specify the auto-refresh interval for gathering CPU utilization statistics.


Sound Alerts

NetAudit security flaw detection, External connection detection - check these boxes to accompany some of the program events with sound alerts. To change the default sound files, click on the Browse button next to the event description and locate a new sound file in the .WAV format. To test the file, click on the button with a speaker icon.

Visual Effects

Alternate list colors – check this box to have the program display the file list in the two-color mode. Click on Color 1 and Color 2 to customize the line colors in the two-color mode.

New NetStat item color – use this box to customize the color used to temporarily highlight new entries in the NetStat window.

Removed NetStat item color – use this box to customize the color used to highlight the entries that are about to be removed from the list in the NetStat window.

Mouse hot-tracking – when this box is checked, there is a visual feedback when the mouse passes over list items, and you can select items by pausing the mouse.

Flat scroll bars – makes the scroll bars of all tables in the program look flat (not available under Windows XP/Vista).


Geolocation is IP-to-country mapping for IP addresses. When this functionality is enabled, Essential NetTools checks the internal database to provide information on the country any IP address belongs to. You can configure the program to show ISO country code, Country name, or Country flag next to any IP address. You can also disable geolocation. For some IP addresses, such as reserved ones (e.g. 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.*) no information on the country can be provided. In such cases, the country name is not shown, or if you use the Country flag option, a flag with a question mark is displayed.

As IP allocation is constantly changing, it's important that you always have an up-to-date version of Essential NetTools. A fresh, up-to-date database is included in every Essential NetTools build. A fresh database has 98% accuracy. Without updates, the accuracy percentage falls by approximately 15% every year.


Run on Windows startup – if this box is checked, the program is automatically launched every time you start Windows.

Minimize to tray when main window is closed – if the box is checked, the program doesn't close when you click on the "x" mark in the top right corner of the window. Rather, it is minimized to the system tray. To close the program, use the File => Exit menu command.

Hide from taskbar on minimization – check this box if you don't want to see the program's button on the Windows taskbar when you minimize the program. If this box is checked, use the program's system tray icon to restore the program after minimizing.

Move focus to input box when switching tools – check this box if you want the program to automatically move focus to the input boxes, such as IP address fields, every time you switch from one tool to another.

Auto-complete IP address fields – if this box is checked, the program automatically completes the Ending IP address field in NBScan, PortScan, and NetAudit when you fill out the Starting IP address field.

Custom ping/traceroute message – allows you to change the default string contained in ping and traceroute packets. To use this feature, check this box and type your own message in the textbox below.

Enable automatic updates – if this box is checked, the program will check if an update for the current version is available and will prompt you to download and install it

Interval between checks, days – allows you to specify how often the program will check for updates.

Check Now – makes the program check for updates immediately.