Essential NetTools Help Documentation

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Interface Overview

The program's main window consists of a resizable side bar on the left, where you can select the tool to work with, and the main pane that displays the currently selected tool. The status bar at the bottom of the window displays the current status of the selected tool (e.g. Working or Idle). For detailed information on each tool, please refer to the corresponding chapters of this manual.


Main Menu


· System Summary – shows a dialog with detailed information on your computer.
· Windows Tools – allows you to quickly access many commonly used Windows tools and utilities.
· Quick Launch – launches other network-related tools by TamoSoft, if they are installed on your system, as well as allows you to configure the program to launch your favorite applications.
· Run – opens the standard Windows "Run" dialog.
· Save Report – saves the output of the current tool to a file.
· Logging – opens the Logging dialog.
· Exit – closes the program.


· Cut, Copy, Paste – performs the standard text commands.


· Tool Bar – shows/hides the tool bar.
· Status Bar – shows/hides the status bar.
· Side Bar – shows/hides the side bar.
· Customize Side Bar – allows you to customize side bar buttons.
· Local IP Address(es) – displays your computer's IP addresses.
· Previous Tool, Next Tool – allows you switch to the next/previous tool.
· NetStat, NBScan, etc. – allows you to select the tool to work with.


· Fonts – allows you to select the interface font and fixed-width font (the fixed-width font is used in some of the program's windows, such as NetAudit or NSLookup).
· Options – displays the Options dialog.
· Language – use this command to select the interface language.


· Contents – opens the help file.
· Search For Help On – opens the Essential NetTools help index.
· Check For An Update On The Web – opens the update downloading dialog window. Please follow the instructions on the screen to download and install the latest upgrade for Essential NetTools from the TamoSoft web site.
· About – shows the About window.