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Quick Launch

You can use this dialog to add new items to the File => Quick Launch menu. By adding new items to the menu, you can use the program as a convenient "launch pad" for other applications.


To add a new item, enter the path to the application file in the Application field and an arbitrary name in the Name field. The Name field will be used in the File => Quick Launch menu. You can also optionally use Parameters that will be passed to the application file, and assign a shortcut to the item, so that you could launch your application with a single click. Once you've entered this information, click Add and close this dialog. A new item will be added to the File => Quick Launch menu.

The Application field does not necessarily have to contain a file name. You can also enter the path to a non-executable file, as long as this file is associated with an application, e.g. an MS Word file. URLs such as "http://www.yahoo.com" are also acceptable (this would launch your web browser and point to the Yahoo web site).