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What's New

Version 4.4

· Essential NetTools is now freeware.

Version 4.3

· WiFiMan: A new tool for working with wireless networks. Scan for available networks, manage profiles, monitor signal level, etc.
· Support for Windows 7.
· Improved NetStat and ProcMon report generation.
· Updated IP allocation map.
· A few other improvements.

Version 4.2

· New network tools have been added: HostAlive for service availability monitoring; EmailVerify for checking if an e-mail address is valid by communicating with the corresponding mail server; IPBlackList for checking if an IP address is included in various IP address black lists.
· All the tools now include real-time geolocation, i.e. all IP addresses are mapped to their country, and the country name and flag is displayed next to every IP address.
· A few bugs have been fixed.

Version 4.1

· Windows Vista support.

Version 4.0

· SNMPAudit – a new tool for exploring SNMP-enabled devices. A SNMP browser has been added for detailed examining of SNMP-enabled device states.
· Fully revised NetAudit tool. Increased overall performance and improved compatibility with modern network standards. User interface is changed for increased usability and simplicity of use.
· Expanded and improved NetStat. New customizable alert system for incoming and outgoing connections added, as well as icons representing processes in the current connections list. Various types of connections are colored, including the closed ones.
· Now the ProcMon module displays the CPU time allocation statistics per process.
· Automatic updates system allows you to quickly check for program updates at the TamoSoft Web site.
· User interface improvements that include customizable side bar buttons, ability to launch the standard Windows System Info utility, and other improvements.
· RawSocket now allows you to send arbitrary data including non-printing characters, such as 0x00.
· TraceRoute makes DNS-resolving in the background that significantly improves the module performance.
· A few bugs of the previous version are fixed.

Version 3.2

· A new System Summary window provides you with very detailed information on your computer.
· Improved logging that allows you to log only new connections or those processed in NetStat and ProcMon.
· Ping is now capable of pinging a range of IP addresses.
· New Quick Launch and Windows Tools menu items can be used to launch your favorite applications and access many commonly used Windows tools from one place.
· Raw UDP connections are now supported in addition to TCP.
· New connections are highlighted in NetStat.
· Local shared resources are now listed in Shares.
· SysFiles – a new tool that allows you to easily edit five important system files: services, protocol, networks, hosts, and lmhosts.
· Multilingual interface.

Version 3.1

· PortScan – a new tool for TCP port scanning.
· User-defined filters in NetStat.
· You can terminate TCP connections established by other applications.
· The program can automatically generate NetStat and ProcMon logs.
· A few other improvements.

Version 3.0

· A new, improved interface.
· Ready for Windows XP.
· NetStat now maps open ports and connections to the owning application (Windows NT/2000/XP only).
· New tools: TraceRoute, Ping, NSLookup, and Process Monitor.