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Configuring Abuse Templates

SmartWhois is capable of creating and sending abuse reports to domain or network block owners. The application uses preselected templates; however, you may customize the desired template(s) or even add your own.

To configure templates, right-click on the text area (the right panel) and select the Abuse / Spam Reporting => Configure option in the context menu. Depending on your needs, either click the Add button to add a new template or use the Edit button to edit an existing one.

Template Format and Keywords

There are no special template specifications except that you have to be sure to include special keywords in the template text. If the current template is to be used as an abuse report to a domain owner, make sure to include the <DOMAIN> keyword in the template body. Otherwise, include the <IP> keyword in the template body (if the current template is a report for IP address / network block owners). Those keywords will be substituted by the actual domain name or IP address when generating a report.

An optional keyword that can also be used in the template body is <OWNER>. Use this keyword if you want the domain or IP address owner information to be included in the abuse report.

Sending Reports

To send an abuse report, select the desired item (domain or IP address) in the Results tree, and search for the Abuse contact (if available) or the generic contact e-mail address. Once you locate the contact of the desired network resource and his/her e-mail address, right-click on the e-mail address, select Send report to…., and select the template you want to be used as a report. SmartWhois will generate an e-mail message based on the selected template and open it in your favorite e-mail client. Please make sure that you include all the details about the network attack or spam message headers in the message.