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Whois Console

Whois Console is used for making special queries or for querying a non-default whois server. Sometimes a standard query output would create a need for making a special query to obtain more detailed information. Here is an example of a standard query output for the domain macrovision.co.jp:


You see that Tech and Admin information cannot be retrieved with a standard query. Let's suppose you need to obtain the technical support contact information. You can open the Whois Console by clicking View => Whois Console or Query => Custom Query, type in whois.nic.ad.jp for whois server and YM676JP /e for query, where YM676JP is the administrator's handle and /e is used for suppressing Japanese output. Click Connect and you will see the following output:


Whois Console has a built-in list of many whois servers located all over the world. To select a server from the list, click on the Select button. If you want to customize or update this list, click on the Select button, and the list of servers will be displayed. To add a new server to the list, click on the Add button and specify the address of the server in the Server field, select the country in the Country box, and add an optional description. If you would like to edit an entry from the list, select it and click on the Edit button. To delete an entry, select it and click on the Delete button.

Right-clicking on the list of servers brings up the following menu:

Select – enters the selected server into the Whois Server field in Whois Console.

Add – brings up a dialog window for adding a server to the list.

Edit – brings up a dialog window for editing the selected server.

Delete – deletes the selected server from the list.

Copy – copies the entire list of servers or the selected entry, server address, country, or description to the clipboard.

Save As – saves the list of servers in text, HTML, XML, or XLS format.

Right-clicking on Whois Console window brings up the following menu:

Clear – clears the Whois Console window.

Copy – copies the selected text to the clipboard.

Select All – selects all text in the output area.

Save As – saves the query result as text file.

Font – allows you to select the font for the Whois Console window.

Auto Clear – when enabled, the current query results are deleted before processing the next query.

Auto Scroll – automatically scrolls down to the bottom of the query result text.

Word Wrap – toggles word wrap for the query result text in the Whois Console window.