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My Notes

You can save your notes about domains or IP addresses using the View => My Notes dialog. To add a note, click on the Add button and specify the IP address / domain in the Address field, add your note in the box below, and click OK. If you would like to edit an entry from the list, select it and click on the Edit button. To delete an entry, select it and click on the Delete button. You can sort the entries by IP address / domain or by the note's text if you click on the name of the column at the top of the window.

Right-clicking on the list of notes brings up the following menu:

Add – brings up a dialog window for adding a new note.

Edit – brings up a dialog window for editing the selected note.

Delete – deletes the selected note from the list.

Copy – copies all notes, the selected note, IP address / domain, or the note text to the clipboard.

Save As – saves the notes in text, HTML, XML, or XLS format.

Whenever SmartWhois displays information about an IP address or domain, it checks for corresponding user notes. If they exist, SmartWhois displays a hyperlink at the bottom of the right panel indicating that you entered certain information about the given IP address or domain in the past. You can click on the hyperlink to have your notes displayed.