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Saving Results

SmartWhois allows you to save query results as a SmartWhois archive, TXT, XML, XLS, or HTML file. The TXT files can be saved in ANSI, Unicode UTF-8, and Unicode UTF-16 formats. If you want to save the current query output to a SmartWhois archive, click File =>Save => Current Result =>As SmartWhois Archive. In this case the contents of the Results tree and the text area related to the current query are saved. To save query results as HTML, XML, XLS, or TXT file, click File =>Save => Current Result =>As HTML File / As Text File / As XML File / As XLS File. Only the information from Text Area will be saved.

You can also save all query results to a SmartWhois archive by clicking File =>Save => All Results. All contents of the Results tree and the corresponding output will be saved.

If you're saving results as a text, XML, or XLS file, you can specify the data fields to be saved; for example, you can exclude name servers or billing contact from the output file. Click Settings => Options => Export to configure the options. If you save the query result as text, you may get rid of the names of data sections by checking the Don't include tags checkbox.

Additionally, you can drag the contents of the left or right panel to any folder. If you drag data from the left panel, the resulting file will be in SWH (SmartWhois archive format). If you drag data from the right panel, the resulting file will be in HTML format.