IP Address and Domain Lookup - SmartWhois

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Source Viewer

SmartWhois allows you to view a raw server response as it was received from the whois server. Since raw data received from the whois server provides the entire contents of the corresponding record in an unmodified form, it may be useful to view it in certain cases, because SmartWhois may sometimes omit part of the information, as output formats vary greatly. This feature is also useful for reading error messages produced by whois servers. Viewing source is not possible for cached records.

Right-clicking on Source Viewer window brings up the following menu:

Copy – copies the selected text to the clipboard.

Select All – selects the entire contents of the Source Viewer window.

Save As – saves the raw query output to a text file.

Font – allows you to change the font of the text in the window.

Word Wrap – toggles the word wrap for the text in the window.