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What's New

Version 5.1

· Added an extension for Google Chrome.
· Updated IP allocation map.
· Improved Whois data parsers.
· Windows 8 support.

Version 5.0

· Internationalized domain names (IDN) are now supported.
· Unicode is now supported throughout the application. Information on domain owners in any language is now displayed correctly.
· IPv6 addresses are now supported.
· The application engine has been rewritten. The new engine supports multithreading, which dramatically speeds up processing of batch queries.
· Added support for the following domain zones: FM, AC, AR, CA, BE, CL, ASIA, TR, SK, LT, LV, HK. Updated data parser for many other domain zones.
· Displays geographic coordinates for domains or IP addresses that have LOC records.
· Automatically detects query types based on the user input.
· New query type: As IP and as domain simultaneously.
· You can perform multiple queries in the query box with a single click, simply enter multiple IP addresses or domains separated by commas.
· Multiple proxy servers are now supported. A random proxy server may be used every time the application connects to a whois server.
· Spam/abuse templates have been improved. Customization and selection of different templates for IP address or Domain abuse reports is now supported.
· The application can query multiple IP addresses assigned to a host.
· Many other improvements.

Version 4.3

· Displays Google Page Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank for domain queries.
· Can perform queries for the text on the clipboard and in other application windows without the need to perform copy/paste.
· Hot keys that allow you to quickly invoke a number of SmartWhois windows or perform queries for the text on the clipboard and in other application windows.
· Integration into Windows Explorer for quick batch processing of files.
· Parsing modules and IP allocation map have been updated.
· Added support for the following domains: AM, BG, CD, GD, GI, GY, HN, IN, IR, IS, KI, KZ, LA, LY, RE, SC, TC, TF, VC, VG, WF, YT.
· A few other improvements.