Reporting and Printing

After performing a site survey and viewing its results in the main application window, you can create a report that contains all the information and visualizations related to your survey. To configure the report options and generate a report, click Project => Generate Report in the main application menu.

The report generation dialog allows you to configure the following report options:

Once you have configured all the options, you may want to customize its look (fonts, colors, logos, etc.) by clicking Customize and then clicking Save to select the file name and have TamoGraph generate the report. Check the Open report after generation box to have the file opened by the associated viewer upon generation. If you would like to print the report without saving it to a file, click Print. Alternatively, you can first save the report and then print it from the associated viewer (Adobe Acrobat in the case of PDF files or your favorite browser in the case of HTML files).

Customizing Reports

Report customization is available to Pro License users only.

The report customization dialog can be accessed by clicking the Customize button and checking the Enabled report customization box. By using the customization functionality, you can change text colors, fonts, logos, or add additional text to PDF or HTML reports.

The following customization elements are available:

Additionally, you may want to Add a page before the report and/or Add a page after the report by checking the corresponding boxes. Clicking Edit opens an editor window where you can enter and format any text and specify the headings for the additional pages.

To apply the new settings, click OK. To restore the default settings, click Default.