Academic Users

Educational Discounts

Schools, universities, and other accredited educational institutions are eligible for a discount off the regular prices. The discount is 30% for downloadable versions and 20% for boxed versions. Please note that volume discounts do not apply; this discount is not applicable to upgrades; this discount is applicable to direct orders only, resellers should contact us for a quotation. If you represent an educational institution and you would like to place an order, please refer to the product list to create your Purchase Order. Simply add the required products and their prices to your PO and then subtract 30% (or 20% for boxed versions) from the order amount. Then follow the Purchase Order Checklist (below) to complete your PO. You can also pay by credit card; contact us for the instructions. You will be emailed an invoice and your order will ship upon receipt of payment.

Purchase Order Checklist

  • The following address should appear on the PO as the vendor for this purchase:

    PO Box 1385
    Christchurch 8140
    New Zealand
    Phone: +1 347 673-0880
    Fax: +64 3 7414420

  • You can fax your order or submit it by postal mail to the fax number / address listed above, or simply e-mail it as a PDF file.
  • Please use your organization's official purchase order form or letterhead to submit the purchase order.
  • Include your organization's mailing and billing addresses.
  • Make sure that the PO is signed by an authorized purchasing agent for your organization.
  • Please give a name for the point of contact. Include all pertinent telephone numbers, both voice and fax, and, most importantly, the e-mail address of the person to whom you would like to have the registration information emailed.
  • Our New Zealand IRD Number is 87-606-430
  • A W-8BEN-E can be faxed to you upon your request, simply send us a request. Don't ask us for a W-9, TamoSoft is not a US company and, according to IRS, must use W-8BEN-E instead.

Please note that we reserve the right to ask for a prepayment, in which case the product will not be shipped until the payment is received or it will be shipped with a temporary registration key that will allow you to use the product for a limited period, while payment is in progress.


You're a student and want to buy our products for your personal use, please scan your student ID card (if your school ID doesn't have your photo on it, you'll also need to scan a copy of your driver's license or passport with your photo), print the scanned image (or just make a photocopy), and write the following below the image: "I certify that I'm a student of <educational institution name>." Write the date, your full name, and sign the document. Fax it to us at +64 3 7414420 (New Zealand) or +1 347 673-0878 (USA), and send us an e-mail saying which product(s) you'd like to buy. We'll e-mail you back with detailed payment instructions.