What's New in NetResident 3.0

New User Interface

We have completely re-designed the user interface. The new ribbon-based UI gives you quick and easy access to the interface elements and menus.


New Rendering Engine

NetResident 3.0 comes with a new Chromium-based rendering engine, which makes it possible to display web pages as they originally looked in the end user’s browser.


New Database

NetResident 3.0 uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine. This makes it easier to control access rights, maintain data integrity, and quickly access stored network events.

Agent-based Data Capturing

The previous NetResident versions relied on promiscuous mode packet capturing from a single "observation point", typically a PC connected to a mirroring port. The new version allows you to deploy compact monitoring agents on the LAN’s PCs. This new architecture facilitates data gathering and, most importantly, makes it possible to capture SSL-based traffic.

Other Improvements

NetResident 3.0 supports a number of new network protocols (Outlook Web Access, iCloud) and comes with many updated protocol parsers.

Try It Yourself!

The beta version of NetResident 3.0 is available immediately. Download it today to gain visibility into the content being sent on your network!