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What's Coming Up in TamoGraph Site Survey 2.1

Active Surveys

Passive surveys provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive data about your WLAN. But how about real-world client performance? That's what active surveys are for! In the new TamoGraph version, you will be able to conduct both active and passive surveys (even simultaneously, if you wish, in a single walk-through using two Wi-Fi adapters.) During an active survey, the application will measure TCP and UDP downstream and upstream throughput, round-trip time, UDP packet loss, and actual PHY rates. It will also analyze roaming behavior by telling you to which APs your client was associated. Below are a few screen shots illustrating the new functionality.

Survey mode selection:

Survey mode selection

Active survey configuration:

Active survey configuration

Collecting throughput data during an active survey:

Collecting throughput data

TCP throughput visualization after the data has been collected:

TCP throughput visualization

Want to Beta Test Active Surveys?

If you do, welcome aboard! E-mail us and we'll come back to you. Be sure to mention the model(s) of the Wi-Fi adapters and Windows version that you use. We promise free product keys to the best testers!

Other New Features

If you conduct GPS-assisted surveys outdoors, you'll definitively like the ability to export your visualizations to Google Earth. Your visualizations will be overlaid on top of the aerial imagery. You will be able to export one or several visualizations into a single KMZ file and open it in Google Earth right away.

Google Earth

We have also made it possible to customize site survey reports. Use your corporate logo and colors, custom fonts, and other design elements to change the look of our professional looking PDF or HTML reports.

What's Next?

The next big thing is an RF planner that will allow you to conduct predictive site surveys. Set up virtual APs, set their characteristics, add walls, windows, and cubicles to the floor plan and get a realistic picture of your WLAN coverage before you deploy your network. This will be part of TamoGraph® Site Survey 3.0 that we plan to release this year. We want to leave you with no excuses to use competing products. Seriously.