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Technical Support Policy

This document explains TamoSoft's technical support policy for registered and unregistered users of our software products. This policy does not apply to non-technical support queries, e.g. queries related to the ordering process, invoices, product shipment, etc.

Registered Users

A registered user is a company/individual who purchased one or several TamoSoft products either directly or through one of TamoSoft's authorized partners. Technical support for registered users is provided free of charge for one year from the date the product license or upgrade license was purchased.

During that period, registered users are entitled to receive free support for 6 incidents. An incident is defined as a single issue that focuses on one area of the product and displays specific symptoms where the problem is directly related to the operation of a TamoSoft product and a resolution can be reached using reasonable efforts. A single support incident may involve multiple e-mails. Our support specialist will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue, but we cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved to the user's satisfaction. TamoSoft welcomes you to submit bug reports. If a support incident was due to a bug in our software, such incident will not be counted towards the 6 incidents included.

After one year from the date the product license or upgrade license was purchased or after 6 support incidents, free technical support will no longer be available. To receive technical support in such cases, consider one of the following options:

  • Buy an upgrade license. Such license will give you access to technical support and the latest product versions for another year.
  • Order a Priority Support contract. Priority Support contracts are available for 1-, 3-, or 5-year periods.
  • Order per-incident paid technical support. Paid technical support is available on a per-incident basis and must be prepaid. TamoSoft doesn't charge for bug reports. If a paid support incident was due to a bug in our software, there will be no charge for the incident.

Priority Support Users

A priority support user is a company/individual who purchased a Priority Support contract. Priority support users are entitled to receive unlimited technical support during the period of validity of their contract. Additionally, such users get support on a priority basis (see the Response Times section below).

Unregistered Users

An unregistered user is a company/individual who never purchased a TamoSoft product. Technical support for unregistered users is provided free of charge for one month from the date the evaluation version of the product was installed on the user's computer. During that period, unregistered users are entitled to receive free support for 2 incidents.

Communication Methods

Technical support is provided by e-mail. We do not provide technical support by phone; we do not provide on-site support/training.

Response Times

You will receive a reply to your question within the following time frames:

  • Registered Users / Priority Support: max. 24 hours (normally much faster, even on weekends and holidays).
  • Registered Users: max. 48 hours (normally faster; we may not be available on weekends and holidays).
  • Unregistered Users: we cannot make any commitments, but we'll definitely answer every e-mail.

Note that these figures refer to the maximum response time. In practice, 80% of all queries are handled within just a few hours. Unlike many big companies, we don't send any automated responses that usually don't help you much. Each support request is carefully read by our support staff and often discussed with the programmers to give you the most comprehensive answer possible.

What Is Not Covered by Technical Support

While we try to do our best to answer all of your questions, we may not be able to provide technical support in the following areas:

  • General computer or networking education. Please understand that we provide you with the tool(s) that help you with some specific tasks. We are willing to explain to you how the tool works or help you if the tool doesn't work as expected, but we cannot educate you if your question is not directly related to our product or if you ask us to interpret the data you collected with our product. For example, questions like "What's the difference between TCP and UDP?" or "Why do I see this packet in my network?" are beyond the scope of our technical support.
  • Advice on using or configuring third party products.

Out-of-date Product Versions and Discontinued Products

Technical support for out-of-date versions continues for one year after a newer version is released or one year after the product is discontinued. Technical support for discontinued products is available for one year from the date of discontinuation. It cannot be prolonged by buying an upgrade license, priority support contract, or per-incident paid support.

Changes to Technical Support Policy

TamoSoft may occasionally update this policy from time to time and without prior notification. To remain up to date with our support policy, please check this page periodically.