Taking Photographs

If you would like to add photos to your survey: e.g., images of APs, cabling, or other objects of interest, you can do so by using a video camera integrated into your laptop or tablet. To configure your video camera, click Settings => Camera and Voice Settings in TamoGraph and select the Video Camera tab. You can select the camera you want to use if there is more than one camera, as well as select the resolution of the photos that will be taken. Remember that while higher resolutions provide better image quality, such photos are much larger in size, which means that your project file might become much larger.

Once you have configured your camera, you can add photos to a floor plan. To take a photo, click on the webcam button on the toolbar or press Ctrl + P (on Windows computers) or CMD + P (on macOS computers). A preview window will appear. When you are ready to take a shot, press Enter or click on the preview window. To cancel, press Esc or click outside the preview window. The photo that you have taken appears as a small camera icon on the floor plan.

If you already have a photo (or some other image) that you would like to place on the floor plan, you can attach them by using the Attach Image button. Once the image has been placed on the floor plan, you can drag it to any position with the mouse.

The position of the icon depends on when you took the photo:

Regardless of the initial photo icon position, you can move the icon to any location on the floor plan by dragging it with the mouse. When you hover the mouse over the photo icon, you can see a small preview window. To see the full size photo, click on the preview window. If you do not want to see photo icons on the floor plan, use the View => Media Objects menu command to turn them on or off. To delete a photo, drag it off the floor plan image or press Del while viewing the full-size photo.

Photos can also be included in the reports. If the Media Objects checkbox in the report configuration window is checked, your photos will be appended to the report. For each photo, its location on the floor plan will be indicated.