Throughput Test

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Other Network Analysis Software

In addition to simple test utilities like TamoSoft Throughput Test, we make a number of professional cutting-edge WLAN and LAN analysis and monitoring products:

· TamoGraph Site Survey is a wireless site survey software tool for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi data. Wireless network deployment and maintenance requires the use of a professional RF site survey tool that facilitates otherwise time-consuming and very complex tasks, such as ongoing analysis and reporting of signal strength, noise and interference, channel allocation, data rates, etc. By using TamoGraph, your business can dramatically reduce the time and costs that are involved in deploying and maintaining Wi-Fi networks and improve network performance and coverage.
· CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac networks. Loaded with many user-friendly features, CommView for WiFi combines performance and flexibility with an ease of use unmatched in the industry. CommView for WiFi captures every packet on the air to display important information such as the list of access points and stations, per-node and per-channel statistics, signal strength, a list of packets and network connections, protocol distribution charts, etc. By providing this information, CommView for WiFi can help you to view and examine packets, pinpoint network problems, and troubleshoot your software and hardware.
· NetResident is a network content analysis application designed to monitor, store, and reconstruct a wide range of network events and activities, such as e-mail messages, Web pages, downloaded files, instant messages, and VoIP conversations. NetResident uses advanced monitoring technology to capture the data on the network, save the data to a database, reconstruct it, and display the content in an easy-to-understand format. NetResident helps your organization to protect sensitive information and enforce security policies, as well as to adhere to government and industry information protection regulations, by providing event-based network visibility and data leak detection and by reducing the risks associated with uncontrolled information flow.

We welcome you to visit us at www.tamos.com to learn more about these and our other network-related software products.