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Monitoring and Troubleshooting VoIP Networks with a Network Analyzer

Monitoring VoIP Networks

This chapter overviews major network parameters that shall be monitored by a network traffic analyzer in wired and WiFi VoIP networks (WiFi VoIP networks are often referred to as "VoWLAN" or "VoFi").

While the cost and technological benefits of VoIP infrastructure are a notch above the POTN networks, the end users of the technology are used to high quality and reliability of conversations. If significant sacrifices have to be made regarding the call quality, many users will not be willing to switch to the new technology.

In many cases, especially where local area network (LAN) infrastructures are involved, it is totally possible and relatively easy for a network administrator to control the quality of voice transmission by controlling network parameters such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss and delays. Therefore, in addition to the many factors that are specific to VoIP applications, a network traffic analyzer shall be able to monitor network conditions and bandwidth utilization.