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Port Mirroring Configuration

As was mentioned above, there are many switches on the market that support port mirroring. Please bear in mind that networking hardware manufacturers use different names for the same feature: It can be called "Port mirroring", "Switched Port Analyzer" (SPAN), or "Roving analysis port" (RAP). To configure port mirroring in your switch, please refer to the documentation that comes with it. Typically, the configuration process is quick and easy. The screen shot below illustrates port-mirroring configuration in DES-1226G by D-Link, an affordable and easy-to-configure managed switch.


After selecting "Mirror" on the left pane of the Web management console, you select the Sniffer Mode option (Tx, Rx, or Both), Sniffer Port, i.e. the port to which packets will be replicated, and select Source Ports from which packets should be mirrored.