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Promiscuous Monitoring in Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks

Practical Applications

So why would we need to monitor anything other than our own computer? Simply put, in a situation where your network consists of three computers, A, B, and C, and the network analyzer is running on computer A, you should be able to see not only the data being sent from/to computer A, but also the data being sent from B to C. This is practical if you use network analyzers, traffic accounting systems, content monitoring systems, and similar applications. In theory, you could run a monitoring application on each computer, but it's inconvenient, as you wouldn't have the complete picture in front of you.

This white paper was written to address frequently asked questions by the users of TamoSoft products CommView and CommView for WiFi, network analyzers for wired and wireless networks, CommTraffic, a traffic accounting system, and NetResident, a content monitoring system. However, the monitoring principles and network topologies discussed here are universally used, so this information, by large, is applicable to any other Ethernet and Wi-Fi monitoring and analysis software, regardless of the vendor and operating system.